Some brief facts: I’m originally from San Jose, CA. I spent my undergraduate years at Northwestern University, starting as a double-major in physics and music performance, but ending up adding a major in math and a certificate in music composition as well. After a year across the pond doing Part III of the Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge, funded by a Churchill Scholarship, I went to MIT for graduate school and got my Ph.D. with Jesse Thaler. I was a postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University working with Mariangela Lisanti, then a KICP Fellow at the University of Chicago for a year before starting at Illinois. In addition to my position in the physics department, I’m also a member of ICASU (Illinois Center for Advanced Studies of the Universe) and IQUIST (Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center), as well as a faculty affiliate of CAII (Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation) at Illinois. I have a number of collaborations with Fermilab, including as a quantum physics and sensing co-lead on the newly-formed SQMS, one of five Department of Energy-funded quantum information science centers.

Check out my bio page for more details, or my papers on Inspire for even more details.