Yonatan (Yoni) Kahn
Assistant Professor of Physics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Office: Loomis Laboratory of Physics 415, 1110 W. Green Street, Urbana, IL 61801

Email: yfkahn@illinois.edu

Prospective undergraduate students: if you are a current undergraduate physics major at UIUC interested in doing research in my group, please send me an email and make an appointment. Generally students should have taken relativity (PHYS 225) and quantum mechanics (PHYS 486), but some music-related projects may only require classical mechanics (PHYS 325) and math methods of the kind covered in PHYS 225.

Prospective graduate students: I am currently taking graduate students. If you are a current graduate student at UIUC interested in working on dark matter, please send me an email and make an appointment. If you are a prospective graduate student, please apply here and mention my name as a faculty member of interest. Unfortunately I cannot individually advise students on their prospects of admission.

Prospective postdocs: There are currently no available positions in my group, but please keep an eye out for potential positions with the UIUC phenomenology group to begin in Fall 2022.